Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Purity Through Anonymity

Disclaimer: The thoughts in this blog are my own opinions. Names (if any) have been changed in order to protect everyone's privacy. The thoughts in this blog do not address Amway directly, but rather the motivational organization known as URAssociation (URA).

There was about a year between the time I was shown the plan to the time I officially joined. In between was when I was at the Summer CONference. That was the first time I heard Mr. Prince (our upline diamond) speak. He was URA's rock star and (at the time) my favorite speaker.

Fast forward a few months from CONference. I'm a big football fan and my team had blown a giant lead in a big game. Our upline platinum commented on a facebook post about how he was just in my team's town and said "rough day for your team."

I sarcastically commented "yeah you need to tell Mr. Prince to buy the team and get our current owner out of there. LOL"

Shortly (and I mean minutes) after I posted it. I get a notification that the comment was removed.

I then get a message from our upline platinum. "Hey, I had to delete your comment because I don't want Mr. Prince's name mentioned. Just trying to keep it pure for him, that's all."

What the hell does "keep it PURE" mean???

I was confused. WHY would you not want his name MENTIONED? This is a business where we're trying to get more people to join, but we can't mention names? What kind of top super secret club bullshit is this???

And what the hell does "keep it PURE" mean???

Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, all these big shot businessmen are all very famous and their names are synonymous with success. So if Mr. Prince is so successful, how come his name can't be mentioned in public? Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel's names are mentioned. I couldn't understand it one bit.

And what the hell does "keep it PURE" mean???

There are a lot of words to describe this kind of shadiness, but purity is NOT one of them. Just typing this story out makes me so ASHAMED/EMBARRASSED I got involved with such crazies. Go do an internet search on some of these upline gods. You'll find VERY LITTLE. Seasoned vets like Dave Severn, Dexter Yeager and Bill Britt will pop up but most info is very scarce. I even remember my sponsor Matthew and I talking about some vids I found on YouTube. He said that most of that stuff was probably "leaked."

Who does he think we are? Metallica?

Keep it pure? More like keep it a secret. A very dark, dirty, lowlife...secret.

*Blows candle out*


  1. So how did he explain what 'pure' meant?

  2. He did not. I was so put off by the comment, I didn't wanna open that can of worms. LOL

  3. Just as he said, "Keep it Pure" a giant bottle of Amway hand sanitizer came from the skies and everyone bathed from its magical healing elixir. Everyone was finally purified just like the waters of lake Minnetonka.

    Maybe they wanted to keep it pure like their bloodlines...They don't sleep with anyone outside of their Amway ranking because they want to keep it pure! You don't have to sleep with your wives to keep it pure...but you better not cross line! As Jeff Foxworthy would said, "You know you're a redneck when you're family tree doesn't fork." In this case, it is the only way to keep the Amway bloodline pure!

  4. The very nature of cults (religious or business ones) is to be secretive. Ever try to find out details concerning the rulers of the Church of Scientology? These cult-freaks are tighter than a duck's ass.

    Amway is all about hype and publicity more than anything else. The company's "public image" is sacrosanct. So quite naturally there is a very strict protocol about revealing any real names, or any non-vetted information, except on a need-to-know basis.

    Even the FBI and the CIA have to obey the Freedom of Information Act. But Amway's code of "omerta" is stricter than the Mafia's.

  5. It does seem odd that they are so secretive about someone who is basically a "rock star" in the Amway business. You'd think you want people to be able to google and find the upline diamond.

    But Amway IBOs do sort of act like they're in a cult at times. Worship the leader, sleep deprivation, keeping secrets and outsiders are shunned. All cult like traits.

  6. Having secret knowledge that is carefully kept from outsiders is a classic symptom of a cult. The technical term for this secret knowledge is "gnosis," and cults are sometimes referred to as "gnostic" religions.

    Amway and all its little motivational subsystems are permeated with this "secret-knowledge" mentality. And they have turned it into a very profitable racket by selling "tools" month after month at inflated prices, and promising all IBOs that these tools are (perhaps) the key to ultimate success in Amway. How many times has some arrogant up-line big pin told you that "This next CD or book or function or night-owl might just have the ONE THING YOU NEED TO KNOW to hit it big! You can't afford to miss it!"

    That's how gnostic cults work. You are constantly seeking specialized, secret information.

  7. Loving your posts. I'm a former URA member as well and am just now coming out of the haze and realizing what was happening. Please post more!

  8. Great post!! Thanks for information!


  9. Let’s expose him. Mr. Prince is DAVE DUSSAULT

    I said it, not him.