Thursday, August 4, 2016

A "Cause" for Concern: URA's version of the 'bait and switch.'

Disclaimer: The thoughts in this blog are my own opinions. Names (if any) have been changed in order to protect everyone's privacy. The thoughts in this blog do not address Amway directly, but rather the motivational organization known as URAssociation (URA).

Bait and switch. We've heard of it, and former IBO's like myself and other bloggers have experienced a version of it. While bait and switch is defined as luring customers in for superior products and replacing them with inferior ones once the customer is committed (you COULD make the argument that it's used in Amway), Amway Motivational Organizations like URA, WWDB, BWW use a different kind of bait and switch. 

They "bait" you with promises of financial gain, freedom, yadayadayada, then switch the mission statement to serving people, building future leaders for America, and yes, even glorifying God. I'll explain. 

When I went to my first summer CONference, a year before I joined Amway I witnessed the "go diamond" rhetoric and promises of wealth but I ALSO noticed something else. They bashed the democrats in Washington (as a Republican, I took a liking to that), as well as a video at the end that showed American Pride. To be honest, I welled up inside. I'm a patriotic American being the son of a former Air Force Officer and the ideals of the URA/Amway really hit home and encouraged my joining. 

The problem in AMO's is that the rapport, friendships/personal relationships you build with your fellow IBO's, along with the religious/patriotic ideals start taking a higher precedent than the REAL REASON you joined Amway: TO MAKE MONEY! 

Our upline diamond Mr. Prince was very adamant about building character and developing a new group of people that would help lead this country back to ways of integrity. Is there anything wrong with that? No...BUT, when you take it to the level he was taking it, it becomes a red flag. 

When I went to my Summer CONference after I joined, I was pumped to see Mr. Prince and was severely let down because I wasn't learning anything. He spoke that Saturday night and he spent the last part of his speech telling us a story about his kids. I don't remember it verbatim but it went something like this. 

Prince is an avid tennis fan and took his two sons (elementary age) to see a professional tennis team (ironic considering Emeralds/Diamonds preach against going to sporting events, but I guess the rules don't apply to the bosses...anyhoo) he had a three day pass to the event. The first day, his kids were clinging to his leg. They were real apprehensive and didn't talk to anybody. Prince told them they needed to be more assertive and not so shy. The second day they did better, socializing with fans, security guards and cheering for the players. The third day, they were practically independent of Mr. Prince and were known by the people at the venue. 

After the match, one of the top doubles players in the country came up to his oldest son. Gave him some wristbands and told him that kids like him made the game worth playing. Prince went into EXPLICIT detail, quoting dialogue word for word. Evidently the player kept telling the media to hold on so he could talk to Prince's son and everything. Honestly, it was a great story because you love to see little kids impress famous people. 

And here it comes...

Prince's point of the story was to inspire the crowd to build a legacy like him. To groom leaders who weren't shy or afraid. Then he ACTUALLY SAID: 

"What we do here is not just a business...IT'S A CAUSE." 


"It's a cause to create a legacy of..." 

I had tuned him out. He had lost me. He didn't teach us any of his insights or tips to grow our business. He had just told us a story about how awesome his kids were. The crowd was inspired...I was pissed. I don't give a shit about "causes." MY CAUSE was to make MONEY. That moment (like many others) had a delayed effect on me which influenced me to quit the URA. 

Is it nice to work with people who feel the same way you do? Definitely. But is that WHY you go to work? NO! YOU GO TO MAKE MONEY! But IBO's aren't making money with Amway. Do they realize it? Maybe, but they become so attached to the bells and whistles of new friends/family environment that they don't want to leave. And THAT is why AMO's are CULTS. 

You're lured in with the promise of making extra money, but then it becomes more about keeping/developing personal relationships with the other hamsters on the wheel. You're losing money, you're losing money, you're losing money and all the while your too busy supporting "the cause" to notice...or worse yet, care. 

I never was a good fisherman anyway. 


  1. The diamonds need to find a "cause" such as the story you shared. Or how Amway made you a nicer person, a better man, or a better spouse. They need the distractions because of the fact that the masses in the audience aren't making any money!

    So you make them feel good by saying their marriages get better, they treat their kids better, we are working to better the world.

    It helps people rally around a cause and they forget that they joined Amway for money, moola, scratch. Not for good feelings.

    1. Marriages get better! Ha! Good one! AMO's have DESTROYED marriages!

  2. They are good in giving false assurance to the masses. They (diamonds) have to constantly tickle their minds so that the masses will believe that they are on the path of success while they are bleeding money everyday.

    1. Initially that's the impression I got. I don't see HOW people could still be in this "business" for years at a time.

  3. Omgosh- you just gave me the answer I needed. I went to a URAssociates seminar last night and everyone I talked to had such similar things to say and I even heard about "the cause" a time or two. I wanted SOO badly to ask one of the people I met how they're doing financially. The sponsor invited me to talk so my questions can be answered next week..... I think I'll cancel haha. Thank you!

    1. Very welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Your blog really hits home with me because after reading your posts, I have realized I was “in” URA at the same time as you and I was at that same conference where “Mr Prince” (aka Dave Dussault) told the tennis story about his kid. He sure is entertaining to watch but borderline psycho. Man I don’t miss anything about URA. I get the creeps just thinking about it. Cheers for getting out.

  5. Cheers to you as well! I'm extremely thankful I saw the writing on the wall EARLY and didn't "buy" into this bullshit. Thanks for stopping by! I don't post much anymore, but I've still got pieces I want to write. Stay tuned.