Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pigs Don't Know Pigs Stink: An Inverted Case Study

Disclaimer: The thoughts in this blog are my own opinions. Names (if any) have been changed in order to protect everyone's privacy. The thoughts in this blog do not address Amway directly, but rather the motivational organization known as URAssociation (URA).

"Pigs Don't Know Pigs Stink." A very famous phrase that's been said throughout every AMO most likely. This phrase is the name of a speech by famous Amway Diamond Dave Severn. While I change the names of people in the URA, he's not, so there. 

This speech is probably the most "iconic" (I use that word loosely) of all speeches in the Amway Motivational Organization world. Severn presents himself as a "good ole boy" from Idaho and gives a TWO AND A HALF HOUR speech about essentially the same ol 'your job sucks, you're going nowhere, blah, blah' rhetoric with the phrase throughout that "Pigs Don't Know Pigs Stink." 

The phrase basically means that people who are doing the boring ol' 9-5, bill paying, routine life don't realize they're wasting their life away. Just like pigs don't realize they have a strong odor coming from them, these people don't realize that all they're doing with their lives are "going 10 feet forward and 10 feet back" according to this near three hour parade of bullshit (pun intended). 

Pigs don't know pigs stink. Well let me tell you something about pigs. Pigs don't CARE that they stink. They don't care that they live in mud, they don't care that they eat slop from a trough. It's the way they live, because they're NOT HUMANS...they're PIGS. If you give a Pig a good home with plenty to eat and space to run around, I guarantee you that pig is HAPPY with the way it lives. It doesn't need a gold-plated trough, or a carpeted, insulated barn to sleep in. As long as it's well fed and you don't make bacon out of it, that pig will die a happy animal. 

What is the goal of your life? Is it to be rich? Maybe. I think we'd all LIKE to be rich. But do I need it to be happy? NO. As long as bills are paid, kids are raised right, and I have a wife who loves me unconditionally, I'll be able to make the best of life regardless of money. Which is the REAL goal of everyone's life: TO BE HAPPY. 

But Severn stands on his pedestal preaching about how that life is no good. Rich is the only way to live and selling Amway products is the way to become RICH. 

And here's where we turn the tables. 

Those "comfortable people" that are living in a "rut." May VERY WELL BE taking 10 feet forward and 10 feet back. But put that pace against 99% of Amway IBO's who go 10 feet forward and 20 FEET BACK! Let me know who finishes ahead on that one Davey! Severn may very well have built his Amway empire "the right way" back in the 80's but today's market is a whole different ballgame. 

Amway's products can't compete with the markets of today, mainly in part because it doesn't LET THEM. People are burning money to travel to show plans, purchasing products, and spending a BULK of their money to hear douchebags like YOU tell THEM that "they can do it too." Thousands upon thousands of dollars are lost every year by IBO's and people like you keep encouraging them knowing damn well that most of them will never come close and then they go from "in a rut" to deepening the rut so bad that they bury themselves. 

Pigs really don't know pigs stink. And you oinkers definitely need a shower. 


  1. I think you give too much credit suggesting that they go forward at all...I would be inclined to suggest they only go 20 feet back.

    I like the idea of pigs don't know pigs stink, because the Emerald that I spoke to at the FED I attended definitely didn't know. He didn't know anything about me, he didn't care about my needs, he didn't have anything invested in me. Yet, he had no problem telling me to ditch my fiance for the WWDB/Amway business. That is one large stink, and he had nothing but smiles and banter.

  2. What many IBO's don't truly understand is that big functions are useless for transmitting actual business advice because everyone's Amway business is different and the actual reason for the function is just to get you "fired up" so you return home wanting to show the plan and drive the miles in the (false) hope that you will "get it done" and end up rich.

    The sad reality is that the same old tired diamonds are still around, even from back when I was an IBO in the 90's. There are very few new diamonds and WWDB I believe has less diamonds now than when I was active.

    IBOs don't know IBOs stick. They are all at the functions cheering and at the same time handing their money over to the upline. The functions and tools are how the upline get rich. There is a bigger markup on tools and functions and less people sharing in the profits so it's easy to conclude that diamonds make a significant portion of their money from the tools and functions.

  3. We should talk. Here's my websites: google "stop the amway tool scam wordpress" and "all mlm facts org"

    Here's my email: stoptheamwaytoolscam at yahoo dot com

  4. Tex, looking at your site, I understand your strong opposition to the tools and motivational groups, but why do you insist on strongly defending Amway itself as if they are completely innocent?

  5. Jerry D. brings up a point that has been bothering me too. Why do so many disenchanted Amway types attack the LOS subsystem that they were in (WWDB, TEAM, URA, BWW, etc.) but refuse to attack Amway itself? Why does this site have a mealy-mouthed "disclaimer" that tries to whitewash Amway?

    Amway of Ada, Michigan works hand in glove with all these little LOS subsystems to rip off IBOs and ruin persons financially. The subsystems aren't doing anything that Amway doesn't tolerate or profit from. The simple fact is that Amway is a corrupt organization, from top to bottom. Why bend over backwards to cut them slack?

    1. It makes sense to attack the tools stuff instead of Amway because most people in Amway are conditioned to disassociate Amway from what they are doing. None of them are selling Amway, they are all business owners. The ones I know mention WWDB all the time, never mention Amway.

      But to be honest I've had far better results attacking Amway using their own primary sources. Nobody reads the contract, so when you point out the awful stuff in that, they can't blame haters. Mandatory Arbitration, they own your contact list, and no solicitation are a trifecta of terrible that means Amway can crush any IBO they want.

      Amway chooses or is unable to enforce rules that would protect IBOs. Take a look on Amazon and look at all of the Amway products for sale, pennies over wholesale, free shipping with prime. These stores have been up for years, highly rated with many reviews. Ask how to compete with that as an IBO, hell you can't even pretend that people sign up to get distributor pricing.

      I contacted Amway because I have weird hobbies. They assured me that it was a minor problem and fully taken care of.

      So yeah, it's easy to attack the tools because everybody is involved with it while attacking Amway itself requires a lot more effort.

    2. Well, I'm not sure that it takes a lot of "effort" to attack Amway itself. Joe Cool's and Anna Banana's blogs have done so ferociously for years now, with no adverse consequences. In addition, there is so much negative material on-line about Amway, on so many different websites, that the prima facie case against the company is overwhelming. "Masters of Deception" is freely available to anyone who downloads the book -- and there hasn't been a more devastating analysis of the Amway fraud.

      There's a fact about big, arrogant corporations like Amway that many of us tend to forget: they never pay attention to your complaints until you hit them squarely in the face with a two-by-four.

      Anna Banana and Joe Cool have done more damage to Amway than a dozen over-intellectualized blogs.

    3. Anonymous June 28, 2016 10:38 am --

      You asked why people target the LOS's rather than Amway. My best analysis is two fold:

      1. The LOS does a terrific job in making themselves a distinct identity and act as though they are separated from Amway. They don't bring up Amway until the very end of their sales pitches, they talk more about the big name "partner" stores than they do about Amway. The diamonds of the organizations have done a terrific job of helping other LOS's and have molded into an amorphous blob of deception that is extremely experienced at this point.

      2. Amway has made themselves effectively into the wizard from the wizard of oz. You have virtually no contact with Amway when you join an LOS (I saw one representative bore me to death when talking about products at an FED), and the word itself has become almost as unspoken as Voldemort. The people who are in Amway at this point have to feel as loose of a connection as you would to a 2nd cousin...sure they are family, but you effectively see them a couple times a year at most. They have done something unparalleled in their ability to hide behind legal loopholes, AND hide behind psychological ones as well (psychological in the sense of creating a cognitive dissonance in their association with the LOS).

      I don't believe at this point that anyone is truly cutting Amway slack, and the vehement response to LOS's is very understandable. They are the ones who are directly responsible for the bad experiences, regardless of Amway pulling the strings in the background.

      P.S. I loved the part where WWDB actually made themselves sound legitimate by suggesting certain diamonds sat on their "board", and discussed new strategies and growth opportunities for the company.

  6. The "leech" organizations such as TEAM, WWDB, BWW Etal, are legally separate entities from Amway. And while Amway does benefit from their deceptive recruiting and products testimonies, authorities have not held Amway liable. In the past, Amway went after some of the blog owners, perhaps to scare them into submission.

  7. We all know it regardless if it is watered down on bligs. The Amway cult of greed is promoted and marketed by WWDB, URA etc... They are all part of the same effed up cult. They are all one of the same!

  8. We all know it regardless if it is watered down on bligs. The Amway cult of greed is promoted and marketed by WWDB, URA etc... They are all part of the same effed up cult. They are all one of the same!

  9. Tex is a psycho who was banned from more blogs and forums than I can remember. Kind of sad for a man who is probably a senior citizen at this point.

  10. I used to comment frequently on Joe and Anna's blogs. Not much mention has been made of URA, but I am glad to see it coming to light. I was one of many nameless faces who shook Mr. Prince's hand.