Tuesday, December 18, 2018


It's Christmas so I figured I'd make A Christmas Story reference to start off. You're welcome. I recently came across a YouTube channel featuring a young couple who used to be a member of WorldWide Group (WWG). An Amway cult just like URA. I just recently watched their first vlog detailing their time in their cult. The stories are nearly similar and even more outrageous than the ones I've shared on here. Give em' a look:


They brought back many bad memories, but one that they touched on that I haven't yet was the dreadful DITTO. *DUN! DUN! DUNNNNN!!!!!!* "DITTO" is the Amway scheduled delivery system. Basically, you place monthly orders in advance The orders are for your use, as well as getting samples for customers and what not. They make this sound like it's a convenient way to get your products to you, but what it REALLY is is a way for your upline to (sometimes underhandedly) place orders for shit you don't need and lots of it so your numbers/business value go up.

When my upline sponsor Matthew first showed me how to do the "Ditto" he did it with our upline platinum's wife. He started running up a HUGE bill. Like $250 worth. If you've read my previous blogs, I didn't have two nickels to rub together so I was like "WHOOOOOOA SLOW DOWN!" He then reassured me that I could change the order any time I wished. As soon as he left I deleted EVERYTHING. At the time, I figured it was just apart of the business model and Matthew was just showing how it's done. I later realized that putting in an order for that much shit was to pad the upline's stats.

It also seemed like a minor incident in a grocery list of major ones that I experienced during my time in the URA cult. However, when I was at Summer CONference, I remember my upline platinum's wife going on a crazed rant about how it's "inexcusable" for people not to do their ditto. I'm not saying she was crazy. I'm saying she has this psychotic, 'I haven't been laid in three years', no coffee in the morning for a week, I'm gonna set my husband on fire if we don't make emerald by next year look in her eyes that was very disturbing. Like missing your ditto is comparable to forgetting your anniversary. Looking back, she was actually a very unsettling type of person. Not quite all there. She'd been "cultified."

That obsessive demeanor is all too real. I only refer to our "upline platinum" because he did what upline platinum's do. He led our group. He was more of a defacto-platinum. He never reached the qualification. He was what they call an "arrow." From what I gathered, he was close, but never got to that level due to constant turnover. After talking with past group members, many didn't like him. He was a very snooty, unpersonable kind of guy. My family sure as hell didn't like them. They liked Matthew, but they didn't like him AT ALL. If my family doesn't like you: there's a good reason.

The couple I mentioned in the YouTube link talked about the thousands they spent on just Ditto alone. It's all a part of the scam to boost/pad numbers and most people are willing. I said in a previous blog that it was a rare time I was happy to be poor. They tried to get blood from a stone and they couldn't. So for all you "entrepreneurs" out there faithfully doing your ditto, here's some great advice in just two syllables:


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Coach K Could've Killed it in Cultism

A few years ago, I decided to change professions and go into teaching/coaching. I love being able to develop kids ability in sports and of course, win. URA is big on that winner-like mindset. They always run around with their catchphrase "it's GAME TIME!" They often use sports examples like when Mr. Prince told stories at CONference about Rory McIlroy, Brett Favre, and Rafael Nadal (yet, they look down on going to sporting events....ehhh whatever, I digress).

I still think about my time in the URA cult. Maybe more often than I should. Like I said, my upline sponsor Matthew is out of the business. We still haven't talked since my departure. The other day I saw a meme about a "friend you haven't talked to in forever, wants to present you with a financial opportunity" and he came across my mind. Before URA, Matthew and I knew OF each other, but weren't really close. He went to school with my brother and they were just friendly acquaintances. Now to be fair, Matthew was my upline sponsor, but his buddy Mike was the one who ORIGINALLY recruited me and Mike and I had some history together playing softball.

I then began to wonder (as I often had) what made Matthew, who was a relatively quiet guy become so head over heels obsessed with a glorified money pit. I then remembered him telling me about HIS sponsor (our upline platinum) not being a very vibrant personality either. I then remembered how they met. Our upline platinum was Matthew's ASSISTANT COACH in baseball when Matthew played in college. I then started unpacking a lot of stored info.

It occurred to me that several people in our upline/organization were former coaches.

Mr Prince: Girls basketball coach
Upline Emerald: Boys basketball coach
Our upline platinum: College baseball coach
URA Diamond: Aspiring teacher/coach before going into business for himself

And then I got mildly nauseous.

I've been an assistant for a few years to where I now have my own team. I think about the responsibilities that I have to these kids to improve their skills and lead them to a successful season. And I think...if I SUCCEEDED in Amway and went down the path that those other big shots did. HOW could I POSSIBLY look at my players in their faces and consider myself a man of integrity? A man of character? A man who can be TRUSTED???

More importantly, the talents it takes to succeed in the URA, coaches most definitely possess. Mr. Prince had an INCREDIBLE vibe to him. I could see why coaching would be a fit for him. He commands attention, keeps your attention and after hearing him, you're charged up! You're ready to go! You're inspired! And all the while, he's sending you on a goose chase and no matter if you catch the goose or not, you GO BACK three months later and he'll regurgitate the same drivel and you'll be inspired enough to go back out and chase the goose again!

It's honestly disgusting. Yeah, I won't make very much as a coach. And I'll struggle with my bills a little longer. But when this season is over, no matter how well we fared, I can walk away knowing that I did everything I could to make them better ballplayers, better teammates, and most importantly a better human being.

And it won't cost them a red cent.

Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta get to practice.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Freedom: an examination in Real(i)ty

When I first got into URA, our upline Emerald was a rock star on the rise. We'll call him Pete. According to Pete's story, he originally got into the business to make extra money to buy more expensive beer. In just 10 months, he reached the top of the bonus scale and qualified emerald a few years after. He was young, energetic, had a very vibrant and caring vibe. To be honest, I admired him. The gullible me, believed that hey, if he can do it...I CAN DO IT! (Derp!)

Pete knew me by name and was very personable. Unlike most URA hot shots, he had a Facebook/Instagram. On his facebook he has a video of him hitting his alarm clock with his driver while his team/supporters/cultists shouted FREEDOM! There he was, in his 20's FINANCIALLY FREE. Three legs at the top of the bonus scale and GUNNING FOR DIAMOND! The sky is the limit! Everything was falling in place...or was it?

Now one thing that diamonds preach to you is that once you qualify Emerald/Diamond/Crown/Master of the Universe you get those bonuses that come with it for the rest of your life...there's only one problem. They don't tell you that you can FALL OUT OF QUALIFICATION. That's why they harp on you to stay in and sell those products because they HAVE to meet those numbers every year. Because you don't really make as much money as advertised, they're on your ass to make sure you make ALL FOUR CONFERENCES so they can get their ticket commissions.

Well lo and behold, I'm on Instagram the other day and what did my eyes see? A post from Pete advertising his business card...URA? Nope. REAL ESTATE. It turns out our young gun, rising star who achieved "financial freedom" by selling Amway products...issssn't really free. I seriously doubt someone who's financially free decides to get a real job just for kicks.

Surprised? Not really. I believe my team was one of the three legs that helped his emerald qualification. You go down the list of the people that were involved in our team:

Upline platinum: Still active
Matthew: Inactive
Mike: Inactive
Stooge: Inactive
Me: Inactive
The dozen or so people that were apart of our team over the course of a year: Inactive

There can only be so much turnover before your line falls apart.

Now Pete (who is still active) has to find other ways to make ends meet. The saying goes: "Diamonds are forever." Well they better be, because Emeralds don't appear to be.

Sure hope he bought a new alarm clock.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

An American Tragedy

While my blog is centered on the URA, I came across this post a few years ago from a fellow blogger. This person was involved in Britt Worldwide, the group which the URA splintered from. He documents his entire journey in BWW through a journal.The further you read, the more depressed you get. However, THIS is about as accurate of a journey through these CULTS as you can find.


Link: http://bwwsot.blogspot.com/2005/09/effects-of-britt-world-wide.html

Monday, February 19, 2018

Compound "W".....TF

So evidently my blog must be reaching the mASSes of the URA. Since I started this blog, several of "NSBonTV's" vids have mysteriously disappeared. The video featuring our good buddy Tracey Eaton (See "Fight, Kick, Scratch, Crawl" post) has been removed from the channel as well as a few others. A couple vids that were online featuring Mr. Prince (not on NSB's channel) are gone as well. Way to "keep it pure" (See "Purity Through Anonymity) fellas! :D

However, to quote Sean Hannity, "let not your heart be troubled." More vids still exist for my venting pleasure and your information.

I'm still facebook friends with a couple of our upline emeralds. One was kicked out for allegedly screwing around on his wife (damn shame, she's hot!), but the other is still active and is the one who reached out to me after my fallout with Matthew (See "The Shot Heard 'Round the Upline). Our upline Emerald has vids of him and his time with several URA big shots, namely Mr. Prince. There's even a video of him golfing his alarm clock once he achieved his "freedom."

This vid that I'm going to talk about would've been a HUGE red flag for me should I have seen it before I joined. The video features our upline Emerald driving into Mr. Prince's gated estate. The estate features the homes of Mr. Prince, Prince's dad (Takin' care of the old man. Good on him!), and Mr. King. The property features a golf course (not a full 18, but you get the picture), a basketball court and of course a giant swimming pool with a cave structure to dive off and a water slide.

This place dubbed "Legacy Estates" is where Mr. Prince will hold pool parties for all the URA sheep to flock to, be in awe of his wealth and get "motivated" to buy more CONference tickets, tools, etc. The IBO's on my team that had been there would talk about how amazing the place was, and EVEN HOW Mr. Prince would play pool basketball with them showing off his "alpha male" defense by aggressively dunking players heads underwater, tackling them and even putting sleeper holds on players (I saw video footage at CONference). I don't know about you, but I TOTALLY wanna be like  a guy who resembles Bradley Cooper in Wedding Crashers. Nothing I'd love to do to prospective IBO's who pay $100 for CONference tickets, than physically throw them around to show off how badass I am at their expense. THAT'S A TRUE LEADER/MAN RIGHT THERE!

But I digress...where were we?

Oh yeah, my upline emerald is showing off the property as he's driving in and then he says "this is what life's all about. Having your own COMPOUND."

URA really needs to work on its vernacular.

COMPOUND? Poor choice of words there buddy. You know who refers to their property as a compound? CULT LEADERS....and the Kennedy's. Compound is a term commonly associated with cults. The Branch Davidian's (Waco), Warren Jeffs, Heavens Gate, White supremacist Bill Riccio, even Osama Bin Laden had a "compound." Ironically, Jonestown was a COMMUNE.

Speak for yourself my emerald friend, but life is NOT all about having a "compound." Maybe for the brainwashed Ambots you've become, but rational thinkers like myself see more to life than having a "compound." While we DO agree that we need to create a great future for our children and those that follow and that being able to achieve financial freedom is great, the way in which we see things doesn't mesh.

I don't believe in sending mixed messages to people. I don't believe that convincing people that they can easily be successful in a "business," when in reality, it's statistically IMPOSSIBLE they can't! I don't believe in telling people to buy books/tapes/other materials that are ONLY approved by the powers that be will be the ONLY way to succeed when in reality there are several ways and methods one can use outside of your little box. I REALLY believe that making people pay hundreds of dollars and travel like vagabonds to CONferences 4 times a year to hear the same old "mindset" bullshit and tell them that's the only way they can succeed is FLAT OUT IMMORAL. I REALLY believe the fact that you even incorporate GOD into it is SICK and DISGRACEFUL.

And you know what else I believe? That using the term "compound" to describe your leaders home is all one would need to realize you're a cult.

But you know what? It's appropriate. Because the herd of IBO sheep use the term as well. COMPOUND my finances in the ass one more time!

*Inhales deeply*

Thursday, February 8, 2018

How to speak "URA"

They actually did this...the URA has THEIR OWN WEBSITE.

Not the super secret login website either...no, they actually have a website that gives you "information" about "who they are.

Here's the link: https://urassociation.info/

When I first started in the "business," my sponsor Matthew and I would go over how to talk with prospective IBO's on the phone. We would go over the "right way" to say things. Surprisingly, we were NOT supposed to tell them that it was "Amway." Even though it WAS AMWAY, the amazing products we sold were from AMWAY, and we get our money from AMWAY. We couldn't tell people it was AMWAY.

*Smacks self in the head repeatedly with cleats...the metal kind* STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

Ok I'm back..had a moment of self-loathing/regret. Where was I? Oh yeah...HOW could I possibly not see the shadiness of it all? It may have been in part to the vernacular of how we presented ourselves as "professionals" for a "marketing group." If you go to the LinkedIn pages of some of the URA (or any other AMO big shots), they never say they work for AMWAY. If I was Amway, I'd be pissed if someone was using my company but too ashamed to say it. I guess if you're margins are fat, who gives a shit?

So yeah, the conversation with prospective IBO's would go something like this: Well I've just gotten involved with a group of professionals with a marketing team. We're looking to expand with a few people (would usually insert an adjective such as "sharp"), and I thought you would be perfect.

The translation would sound something like this: I've gotten involved with some people selling Amway. They haven't made any significant amount of money, but our rich upline keeps encouraging us to do so. We're looking for a few gullible people to convince that they can become financially independent by going to four CONferences a year and buying a shitload of CD's/Tapes that basically regurgitate the shit you hear at CONferences, and all the while it's all a giant pep rally rather than a training session. You'll have to pay hundreds of dollars throughout the year and won't recoup shit, but we're all gonna suck each other off about how our team is growing and then we'll switch the motive from making money, to developing great new leaders for the free world. YOU'LL LOVE IT!

Well the URA's website is an echo of that sentiment. First of all, I put better web pages together for college projects than this hunk of shit. The URA is making millions of dollars off seminar revenue/tools alone, but they can't afford a decent web designer.

The vagueness is ALL OVER what little of this "website" there is. There's NO mention of Mr. King, Mr. Prince, Jax and Tara, or any other big shots in the company. No profiles, no specific mentioning of what they do or who they work for, and as for CONTACT INFO: An 866 number and an address in Ohio (which is weird since Mr. King/Prince are from Virginia and several emeralds come from Pennsylvania).

Here's some excerpts from their site and a translation of what it really means:

URA Website: "We are a marketing arm for dozens of major retailers. We work with some of the largest companies on the web in order to help them continue to develop a greater market share in the competitive and ever-changing world of e-commerce."

Translation: It's Amway.

URA Website: "We understand that "high touch" is just as important as "high tech." As a result, we focus on building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with both customers and team members." 

Translation: We're a cult...that sells Amway. (High touch?)

URA Website: "The large amount of professionals have affiliated with this mentorship team have limited time outside their full-time employment and family life. This is why thousands of our team members around the country have found our system of creating passive income to be beneficial as a means of generating a secondary revenue stream around a flexible schedule."

Translation: And that limited time better be spent with us or you're a LOSER! Fuck your free time!

URA Website: "Our track record of success is a direct reflection of the qualities of individuals we have selected to join our team."

Translation: We got rich because we "selected" people with money who were dumb enough to literally buy in to our bullshit. KEEP IT COMIN!

URA Website: "At our core team of entrepreneurs, we continue to expand with credible individuals of character and integrity who are tired of the status quo."

Translation: Hate your job? COME ON DOWWWWN! But we can't pick up any criminals or thugs. They have street smarts and will know a scam when they see one! 

Once you sift though all the bullshit, they have a "blog" with a grand total of THREE entries. One from a diamond and two from emeralds. None of which I have talked about on here. The blogs, much like the website are very vague and uninformative, but to be fair...they have to "keep it pure." (See "Purity Through Anonymity.")

The fishiest part about this is there is NO info on King, Prince, or anybody else I've mentioned in this blog. How is ANY legitimate professional going to look at that site and say "boy, I want to get involved with these guys/gals!"

What's even funnier/fishier is that regardless of their reputation, Amway is a BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY with their names on ARENAS. WHY would the URA not want to mention they're AFFILIATED with them? I had a detractor comment on here arguing URA's legitimacy by saying they're partnered with Google, Apple and Nike. THEN WHY NOT MENTION THAT YOU'RE AFFILIATED WITH AMWAY??? The company that would actually LAND YOU SOME LEGITIMACY. 

Because the fact is, just like the website, just like the seminars, just like the URA on the whole. There IS NO LEGITIMACY.

URA even has the cute "LLC" at the end of their name. We all know what it stands for: Limitless Lying CULT.

*Shut down.*

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cultism on YouTube: The "Suck" Zone

"The 'suck zone'...basically the part where the twister sucks you up...into the tornado. That's not the technical term for it obviously."

Ah the late, great Phillip Seymour Hoffman. His humble beginnings talking about the "suck zone" in the movie Twister. Well URA has a "suck" zone of it's own, and unfortunately, it's not anywhere near as pleasant or entertaining as that underrated classic was. 

In this clip from the NSBonTV channel (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEtpHi-q4Yo ) this guy talks about how a couple from the URA going diamond is a big thing. Not only for the URA but for their "personal finances" as well. He encourages the minions to get caught in the "suck zone" so they can (paraphrasing) escalate their place in the business as well.

Here's my list of observations: 

1. How the hell can we take this clown seriously when the camera guy can't even hold it correctly???

2. UH OH! He mentioned NAMES! You're not keeping it very "pure" young man! (See "Purity Through Anonymity")

3. HOW is it going to benefit MY personal finances??? Someone in my UPLINE going diamond isn't going to help MY finances if I'm in the DOWNLINE ya dipshit! Who's this video supposed to be addressed to? Mr. King? Mr. Prince? The couple they mentioned? I thought these vids were targeted for the downline peasants to get them encouraged. Whoops! It'll help the UPLINES personal finances...and that's what it's all about. 

4. This video was made in 2013, the couple that he mentions going diamond were still emeralds a year later at summer CONference when I went. 

5. The OTHER couple he mentioned DID go diamond to be fair. That's the couple I mentioned in "Come to my Seminar" where the wife told the story about raccoons and glazed donuts (not lying). 

6. Of course, the same "URA is growing" blah blah blah is mentioned. It doesn't mean the URA is legit...it means there's a sucker born every minute. To be fair, I was one.

7. The title is "It's an NSB Diehard Team Diamond for the Riders and Everyone Knows It!" Ummmm, if everybody knows it...once again, you're not "keeping it pure." (See "Purity Through Anonymity" on this blog). 

8. This guy encourages the members to "get it done" and do what they can to help this couple reach diamond status. Now if I was an IBO receiving great mentorshp/leadership and was seeing an ACTUAL, LUCRATIVE PROFIT from this "business" I would've been more than motivated. But what it really means is "operate at a loss like a boss. You'll lose money, friends, pride, etc. But I'll be rich so screw you!" Of course he encourages you to keep sponsoring people because hey...that's more ticket revenue in the pockets of this couple! 

9. All the "growth" that came out of the last couple going diamond? What growth? I'll tell ya what "growth" SEMINAR REVENUE!!!! 

Yeah they want you to get in the "suck zone" alright and to quote Wayne Campbell..."It certainly does SUCK." SUCKS your bank account dry, SUCKS your energy, SUCKS your life and the WHOLE purpose of it is so you can SUCK OFF the Executive Douchebag Committee and the few (and I mean VERY FEW) people who find a way to make it work. 

Mr. King was famous for a saying that my sponsor Matthew always used: 

"Either build your dream, or you're going to help somebody else build theirs." 

Does anyone NOT see the BLATANT hypocrisy in this???