Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Skittles, Mt. Dew Freezes and Tiger Woods: A Love Story

Disclaimer: The thoughts in this blog are my own opinions. Names (if any) have been changed in order to protect everyone's privacy. The thoughts in this blog do not address Amway directly, but rather the motivational organization known as URAssociation (URA).

Oh the GREAT Amway products! Out with the old and in with the new! Suck it Right Guard! Amway's got deodorant! Hit the bricks Dawn! Legacy of Clean is your daddy now! Ride on out Red Bull! XS is the new you!

Ok, I'm being a tad harsh. To be fair, Amway makes some GREAT products. I'm a huge fan of XS, Perfect Water, and yes, even legacy of clean. But Mr. Prince and the rest of the EDC (Executive Diamond Committee) know that ya ain't gonna get points and get any closer to "freedom" if you don't purchase as many Amway products as possible.

To be fair, it IS true. Your job in Amway is to SELL THE PRODUCTS but Mr. Prince has a rather uncomfortably passionate view on the products. In one of Mr. Prince's "tapes" he was giving a speech and said "If you buy any other products (than Amway's) SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON YOU!

Shame on ME? I don't make the kind of money Mr. Prince does. He's got a huge house with a giant outdoor pool and a GOLF COURSE. I'm making MINIMUM WAGE!

To be a little more informative, let's break down the cost of Amway products:

Store deodorant: $2-3, sometimes you can even get two for that price.
Their deodorant: $5

Store shampoo: $2-3 for a good brand
Their shampoo: $10

Energy drink: $3-4 maybe even less
XS: Not sold individually, $27-40 a case.

Whey Protein Powder: $20-30 for a 2lb tub
Nutrilite Whey Protein: $82 (For that much money, I better look like Triple H in a week!)

Most of us "little people" are too busy saving/burning money for the rallies, gas money to show plans, etc. but yet we're supposed to pay WAY more for our everyday products (even with the Amway employee discount, you're still paying more). SHAME ON YOU MR. PRINCE! If I was making the money HE was making, sure I could buy Amway products with no big hassle.

Mr. Prince once said "Would you ever see Tiger Woods wearing ADIDAS? Then why would you buy other products?"

Oh my cheez whiz...

First of all Mr. Prince, Tiger Woods gets all of his Nike gear....FOR FREE. They also PAY HIM to endorse the product. I tell ya what, you give me my Amway products for free and HELL YEAH I'll endorse them! But it doesn't work like that does it?

If you are an Amway IBO and you use that as a point of reference...WHIFF!

But of course, my upline would've stuck their head in fire if Mr. Prince told them they could see hell. So at Summer CONference I was confronted about such an issue. I had just got paid the Friday that we left for CONference, so I went to Wal-Mart and got some snacks for the weekend since we weren't going to be leaving the hotel. Also, earlier in the week I had posted a picture on my Instagram of a Mountain Dew Freeze I was drinking. (LOVE those things, especially in the summer)

So while we're waiting Saturday night for another round of "We're awesome and there's a slight chance you can be too if you keep pouring money into our pockets" I pull out a box of Skittles I had bought. Matthew decided to call me out on having them. He said I needed to buy our products and then said that I needed to stop buying Mt. Dew Freezes and start ordering XS.

Hold the fuck up...

I got paid the Friday we were leaving. I didn't have TIME to order the Amway products. THEN, as far as the Freezes are concerned. They're 85 CENTS!!! He said that I needed to start saving up money to buy a case of XS.


So basically it's "I'm thirsty, got a dollar in my pocket, need to save it back and hopefully by the end of the month, I'll have enough to buy some XS to quench my thirst that I have now!"


Of course when I called Matthew out on this, he backpedaled severely. This was another major red flag that fell when I realized the URA's cult-like tactics. This wasn't a part-time gig, it wasn't even a business, it was a LIFESTYLE. AN OBSESSION. A CULT.

Shame on YOU Mr. Prince for laying a burden on the financially anemic forcing them to buy overpriced products and still pay money to listen to your blitherings. I sincerely hope one day that you're exposed for the FRAUD you and your organization are, I hope you have to pay reparations...

And I REALLY HOPE Tiger Woods gets sponsored by ADIDAS! Damn I'm thirsty...time for a Mountain Dew Freeze!


  1. Good story. Reminds me of a story about how a McDonald's owner wouldn't eat at his competition's place, which is total BS. Nobody opens a McDonald's restaurant so they can eat big macs the rest of their lives. They open it because it makes them money so they can enjoy better things.

    I wonder if the diamonds are eating Amway crap all the time? Instead of fancy restaurant, shouldn't they be eating pre-packaged Amway meals and food bars?

    Are they wearing catalog suits?

    The upline diamonds are the biggest hypocrites you can possibly imagine.

  2. Interesting information about trying to make all purchases with Amway. When I was being inducted into the syndicate, the "complimentary" beverages and snacks were all Amway products. I previously thought it was because they wanted me to try the products for sales purposes, but later they told me it was for their personal consumption. This is completely backwards logic for any business involving sales. I was naive at the time and didn't understand, but now that I have been in sales for a while, it is a real wake up call.

    I find it hilarious that they have the us vs. them mentality for people in the business vs. people not in the business, but then they have that mentality for people in the business consuming the products vs. not consuming the products. It seems like the world's worst stress exam, where every answer is wrong, and the price of failure is unending scrutiny and possibly expulsion.

    I have read Anna's blog from time to time, and she makes it abundantly clear that XS is not her drink of choice. I never had a problem with the taste of XS, but I did have a problem with the price and the ingredients. The price is close to 4x that of a premium energy drink (I have calculated it against the price of a case of Monster on Amazon), and the ingredients are more dangerous. The caffeine levels are obscenely high!

    I never got the opportunity to be fully indoctrinated, but I'm pretty sure I would've brought non Amway snacks to functions as well. I think it would be hysterical to open a snickers bar in front of my upline diamond and thoroughly enjoy it. I could chase it down with a nice Arrowhead bottle of water. Then just stare at him until he cracks! That sounds like an interesting use of my time.

  3. A great post that exposes the shallow thinking of these rookie "business owners." I love it when independent thinkers question obvious B.S. like you pointed out... and I'm thirsty now too. Does Amway make a chilled coffee drink? ;)

    1. Gonna have to stick to Frappes from McDonalds good sir.

  4. "Mr. Prince" is the stereotypical Amway loudmouth, telling other people what to buy and how to live. Does he think Amway is a religion, where you have to follow certain dietary rules?

    As for Matthew, you were right to hit him back hard after he had the nerve to call you out in public over a damned box of Skittles. And like all cowards, he collapsed like a house of cards.

  5. You mentioned perfect water, which is by far one of the worst scams Amway offers. They process it the same way every other bottled water company does and then they "microstructer" it, a process that doesn't exist, and oxygenate it, a process that doesn't matter. this allows them to stack a huge mark up on the product.

    1. I just liked it cause it tasted good. LOL

  6. All commercially bottled water tastes good, because it is filtered and purified and hermetically sealed up. You don't have to pay Amway's premium price for their version.

    1. Not saying you're wrong. You're dead right in fact. Just saying it tasted good. LOL