Thursday, February 8, 2018

How to speak "URA"

They actually did this...the URA has THEIR OWN WEBSITE.

Not the super secret login website, they actually have a website that gives you "information" about "who they are.

Here's the link:

When I first started in the "business," my sponsor Matthew and I would go over how to talk with prospective IBO's on the phone. We would go over the "right way" to say things. Surprisingly, we were NOT supposed to tell them that it was "Amway." Even though it WAS AMWAY, the amazing products we sold were from AMWAY, and we get our money from AMWAY. We couldn't tell people it was AMWAY.

*Smacks self in the head repeatedly with cleats...the metal kind* STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

Ok I'm back..had a moment of self-loathing/regret. Where was I? Oh yeah...HOW could I possibly not see the shadiness of it all? It may have been in part to the vernacular of how we presented ourselves as "professionals" for a "marketing group." If you go to the LinkedIn pages of some of the URA (or any other AMO big shots), they never say they work for AMWAY. If I was Amway, I'd be pissed if someone was using my company but too ashamed to say it. I guess if you're margins are fat, who gives a shit?

So yeah, the conversation with prospective IBO's would go something like this: Well I've just gotten involved with a group of professionals with a marketing team. We're looking to expand with a few people (would usually insert an adjective such as "sharp"), and I thought you would be perfect.

The translation would sound something like this: I've gotten involved with some people selling Amway. They haven't made any significant amount of money, but our rich upline keeps encouraging us to do so. We're looking for a few gullible people to convince that they can become financially independent by going to four CONferences a year and buying a shitload of CD's/Tapes that basically regurgitate the shit you hear at CONferences, and all the while it's all a giant pep rally rather than a training session. You'll have to pay hundreds of dollars throughout the year and won't recoup shit, but we're all gonna suck each other off about how our team is growing and then we'll switch the motive from making money, to developing great new leaders for the free world. YOU'LL LOVE IT!

Well the URA's website is an echo of that sentiment. First of all, I put better web pages together for college projects than this hunk of shit. The URA is making millions of dollars off seminar revenue/tools alone, but they can't afford a decent web designer.

The vagueness is ALL OVER what little of this "website" there is. There's NO mention of Mr. King, Mr. Prince, Jax and Tara, or any other big shots in the company. No profiles, no specific mentioning of what they do or who they work for, and as for CONTACT INFO: An 866 number and an address in Ohio (which is weird since Mr. King/Prince are from Virginia and several emeralds come from Pennsylvania).

Here's some excerpts from their site and a translation of what it really means:

URA Website: "We are a marketing arm for dozens of major retailers. We work with some of the largest companies on the web in order to help them continue to develop a greater market share in the competitive and ever-changing world of e-commerce."

Translation: It's Amway.

URA Website: "We understand that "high touch" is just as important as "high tech." As a result, we focus on building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with both customers and team members." 

Translation: We're a cult...that sells Amway. (High touch?)

URA Website: "The large amount of professionals have affiliated with this mentorship team have limited time outside their full-time employment and family life. This is why thousands of our team members around the country have found our system of creating passive income to be beneficial as a means of generating a secondary revenue stream around a flexible schedule."

Translation: And that limited time better be spent with us or you're a LOSER! Fuck your free time!

URA Website: "Our track record of success is a direct reflection of the qualities of individuals we have selected to join our team."

Translation: We got rich because we "selected" people with money who were dumb enough to literally buy in to our bullshit. KEEP IT COMIN!

URA Website: "At our core team of entrepreneurs, we continue to expand with credible individuals of character and integrity who are tired of the status quo."

Translation: Hate your job? COME ON DOWWWWN! But we can't pick up any criminals or thugs. They have street smarts and will know a scam when they see one! 

Once you sift though all the bullshit, they have a "blog" with a grand total of THREE entries. One from a diamond and two from emeralds. None of which I have talked about on here. The blogs, much like the website are very vague and uninformative, but to be fair...they have to "keep it pure." (See "Purity Through Anonymity.")

The fishiest part about this is there is NO info on King, Prince, or anybody else I've mentioned in this blog. How is ANY legitimate professional going to look at that site and say "boy, I want to get involved with these guys/gals!"

What's even funnier/fishier is that regardless of their reputation, Amway is a BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY with their names on ARENAS. WHY would the URA not want to mention they're AFFILIATED with them? I had a detractor comment on here arguing URA's legitimacy by saying they're partnered with Google, Apple and Nike. THEN WHY NOT MENTION THAT YOU'RE AFFILIATED WITH AMWAY??? The company that would actually LAND YOU SOME LEGITIMACY. 

Because the fact is, just like the website, just like the seminars, just like the URA on the whole. There IS NO LEGITIMACY.

URA even has the cute "LLC" at the end of their name. We all know what it stands for: Limitless Lying CULT.

*Shut down.*


  1. Don't say it's Amway. In reality, can you think of a worse possible way to recruit people into Amway?

    1. Good to hear from you again! Sorry for the break. Flood gates opened again and I'm back to writing! Gimme a follow! Yeah the whole "don't say it's Amway" was absolute crap. I just shake my head at myself that I was so gullible. I really believe I just trusted Matthew's integrity. He's a square guy. Still is, he was just brainwashed like everybody else.