Monday, September 12, 2016

Cultism on YouTube: Fight, kick, scratch and your financial DOOM.

Disclaimer: The thoughts in this blog are my own opinions. Names (if any) have been changed in order to protect everyone's privacy. The thoughts in this blog do not address Amway directly, but rather the motivational organization known as URAssociation (URA)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Been working my "loser" job and got caught up in "distractions" that keep me from my financial freedom. 

This next video I'm showcasing is the second in the "Cultism on YouTube" series. The original one I wanted to do has been deleted, along with a couple others I wanted to discuss. Guess they needed to "keep it pure" for those people. Luckily this YouTube channel still exists with plenty of cultish videos for all to see. The channel called "NSBonTV" is run by a member of a URA Emerald and is the downline of the "sharpest knife in the drawer" woman (See: Come to My Seminar!). 

It's always better when a celebrity endorses your product right? I mean, if a celebrity says it works, than it MUST work! The "celebrity" in this video is ex NFL player Tracey Eaton. (Link to video: 

Eaton is a member of WWDB (hence no name change). He played for the Oilers, Cardinals, and Falcons during his six years in the NFL. And recorded 4 career INT's...ok, so he's not Richard Sherman, but hey, six years in the NFL is respectable. He's even got his own Wikipedia page! Eaton was actually a big interest for me. When I was shown the plan, I was given a CD with he and his wife Kimberly and liked what they had to say (I was none the wiser at the time) and being a big football fan, I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a desire to hear him speak. 

And in this video...I finally did. 

I saw this video before I joined URA and I had to admit it rubbed me a little bit the wrong way. Eaton is doing a plug for the next upcoming CONference trying to lure as many suckers as he can. Fight? Kick? Scratch? Crawl to get people to the function??? We're not going for a 4th and 1 here buddy. But then again, if I was making a percentage of the gate take, I'd want the little minions to fight, kick, scratch and crawl too! And then he segways into how they're going to show us what an "A game looks like." 

To be fair, he's right. They DO show you what an "A-game" LOOKS like. They strut in their nice suits/dresses and fancy jewelry. Actually saw an Instagram pic of Kimberly Eaton showing off her new ring to Mr. King's wife as well as our upline Emerald's wife, while they both looked at it with a rather disturbingly envious gaze. But yeah, you can see an "A game" much the way football players can show you an "A-Game." But will you ever BE that football player? Nope. Will you ever BE that Amway diamond? Not as improbable as being an NFL player, but unless you're in that .000002 percent or whatever it is...NOPE. 

Then he has the audacity to say "we don't want the B-players there. We don't want average/mediocre." The truth is, I'd bet more than half of the people that attend these CONferences would consider being average/mediocre in the Amway business a HUGE step up! He of course recites the same ol' "you can be rich too" type rhetoric...blah blah...and then says we're gonna show you how to "focus." HOW does someone teach someone how to FOCUS? They have something for's called ritalin. Show you how to focus...that's like saying show you how to chew your food. 

And then of course he goes into the whole "loser" bit. He says "I've always found that winners love challenges." True...very true in fact. But here's the thing: Climbing the Eiffel Tower with your bare hands is a "challenge." If I don't accept the challenge, does that make me a loser??? Because that's a comparable challenge to making diamond or even a profit in Amway. Sure you won't die...but your finances will. Your spirit will. Your self-esteem WILL. Then he speaks about how "losers" always seem to find an excuse that they can't make the function. So that means even if you're financially struggling and can't pay the $100 ticket, money for gas/food, etc. You suck. No Tracey Eaton...YOU suck.

I guess if you couldn't intercept many passes in the NFL, you can intercept the dreams of thousands of people and return them unopposed for your own personal, financial touchdowns. I can only hope you and the rest of your cultist team is flagged/penalized for excessive bullshit. To be fair, being a member of those NFL teams during that time, you'd KNOW what average/mediocre looks like. 



  1. I have to give credit where credit is due. When I saw Tracy at the FED I attended last October, he was electric and he got the crowd riled up. It wasn't hard for him to be more entertaining than the rest since the other diamonds were about 100 years old each, or had the personalities of jello. Regardless of the ineptitude of the other diamonds Tracy was fun to watch on the surface.

    All I took away from his speech was his energy...I don't remember the content at all, unlike Brad Duncan's speech, and that is because he was no different from the rest. He had the same crap about following your dreams, stopping at nothing, don't work for the man, etc. Terry is nothing more than flunkey for the AMO's. I wouldn't be surprised if he totally sucks at the Amway part and just does the speaking engagements because of his energy.

    The bottom line is, and I think you wrote it well, they are all crooks. They say a bunch of junk that sounds nice and fluffy, but when taken under the microscope is either BS or terrible advice. There is no depth to these people, and there is no path to success through their "teachings". Terry, much like the other high profile celebrities who support MLM, do it because their options are extremely limited for generating an income outside of their primary professions.

    1. I felt the same way about "Mr. Prince." But then I realized it was all energy, no advice.

    2. Sorry for the typos...don't know why I changed Tracy into Terry halfway through my post. I was talking about the same person.

  2. That's what these hucksters do. They put on a show to play on the hype and your emotions. That's how they get you to pony up for more PV or to pay for that next function.

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  4. Another fucking Arm chair Quarterback talking shit about the athletic abilities of an ex-NFLer when probably got cut from the freshman choir. Holy Mohammed dude you count afford the ticket and drive that sucks but not having the money to PAY ATTENTION...did that even cross your 2 brain cells before you typed it. Tracy was right wow dude broke is a mindset. I hope you have a blog showing people how to help them accomplish fucking anything because at least it would be more productive that shitting on people for having a goal. Your imaginary girlfriend must be so proud! ill give it to you though, SONS OF ANARCHY IS LIT, JAX KILLS GEMMA WHO SAW THAT COMING!